The secret of getting back to shape

Here’s a story.
Rewind exactly one year. It was September. Summer was over and with it, over was my previously fit shape. Sound familiar? I bet it does.
Enjoying plenty of meals and all kinds of beverages for months came at a price: I lost the results I had achieved through hard efforts and discipline during winter and spring.

Getting back to shape with tea.

I didn’t want to go on a diet, nor did I plan to spend 4 evenings out of 7 in the gym. I thought I might try something natural, like a “boost” to help me get back to my slender shape.

I’ve never tried losing weight with tea before, so I was curious how it would work. From all I read, I decided to give one slimming tea a try. Wowtea was the brand behind it and I’d seen some of their products on social media. I had a positive impression of the brand, so I ordered a package to try it out.

My slimfit tea arrived and I was impatient to start drinking it.
Two cups a day, before breakfast, before lunch. I also got myself a tea bottle so it was easy to prepare and carry my tea with me as I would go about my day. Тhe tea was delicious – it tasted fresh so I didn’t add sugar or honey.

Noticing a change in the first days.

Somewhere around the third day I noticed my belly bloating had almost disappeared. My stomach was starting to feel comfortable for the first time in a very long time.I wasn’t feeling hungry as often as before. I guess my appetite has decreased on its own.

I was so happy to easily manage to go a day with 2 normal meals and not snack at noon and in the evening. Usually when I’m anxious at work, I’d chew on something and it had definitely added to my weight gain. Yet, these days I wasn’t feeling like giving into stress eating.

I knew I had lost weight - even without weighing myself.

Around day 10 I knew I had slimmed down. Clothes fit me better, I was beginning to like how I looked in tight jeans again. I didn’t bloat and didn’t have excessive hunger – like not even once.

Before I started drinking the slimfit tea, I would feel bloated from the morning throughout the whole day – as though there was something “stuck” in my stomach. And now my belly felt and looked flat, and there was a feeling of lightness even after a meal.

If I was feeling such positive changes so early, maybe 3 weeks of drinking the tea would really help me get back in shape – without me having to do anything hard or time consuming.
I was actually enjoying preparing my tea in the morning and taking my bottle with me to work. It had become a nice ritual that made me feel good about myself. Some of my colleagues asked me where I got the bottle from and wanted to get one as well. It’s really handy if you like to drink tea during the day.

I got back the body I wanted. And I'm confident that I can maintain it.

I had almost finished my package and I was looking smaller and leaner. I was not only back in fit shape, but I think I was looking even better than I did before the summer.
I had gotten what I wanted – to slim down in a healthy way, to enjoy the process, to have it easy and healthy too. I continue drinking the slimfit tea – it’s become a healthy habit that helps me keep in shape and take care of my body.
Getting into shape, I’ve come to believe, is not an act, it’s a process that at best becomes a habit. And once we learn to do good things for ourselves, we can get back in shape at any age, after many summers or holidays.

Going back to shape can be easy and natural.

I hope my story comes as a nice one in these autumn days when most of us begin to regret all the summer indulgences. Probably, don’t torment yourself with harsh diets, impossible goals or self-blame. Summer was good and we have to pay for it – but what if going back to your best shape can be easy and natural? I want everyone to have the chance to try it – and if I have helped you, it’d make me happy enough.
Good luck!


Over the years, we’ve found out that once fall comes, people start looking for a positive body change. During this season, we usually receive a lot of emails from people asking which particular product will help them get back in shape – in the most efficient and effective way.

Some want to do a full cleanse and some seek a slim shape blend. And there are the people who have already used one or several of our blends – and they’re eager to share their stories.

So this fall we decided to get some spotlight on inspiring stories from clients who shaped a lean and clean body with our products. We believe that reading about another’s journey will be helpful to people looking for a positive change and yet wondering how it all goes.
We are grateful to everyone who took the time to put their story into words.
And may you all achieve the change you want the most.

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