5 hacks to get back in shape after summer

How to get in shape after the summer holidays? It’s always the right time to change.
The best method to rejuvenate your mind and body is with a relaxing summer vacation that takes you away from the pressures of work and daily obligations. However, it can be challenging to pick up your routines again after two weeks of sun, sand, and parties. Hey, it happens.

Let us tell you a secret, It is NOT TRUE that to get back in fit shape requires exhaustive diets, hours in the gym, or weight loss pills that often cause yo-yo effects.

The newest weight loss trend in September is all about taking care of yourself in the healthiest way possible! Get back into your healthy routine seamlessly with WOW TEA’s easy tips and tricks

1. Pay back your sleep debt

Maintain a consistent sleeping routine. If you need to catch up, get a few extra hours of sleep each night, but don’t stay in bed until midday on the weekends. Your body enjoys a steady rhythm. Even on weekends, go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time every day.
Avoid taking naps after 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and limit them to 20 minutes. Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine in the evening. Don’t use nicotine at all. Exercise regularly, but not within two to three hours of going to bed.

2. Try to be more active

Getting back to work, it must be challenging to find the time and inspiration to exercise. We understand! But sports activities are proven to be useful – for the heart, for the lungs, for our mood, for high levels of dopamine, for tight bodies, and for a flat stomach. You may utilize this as a fun activity to do with your family and friends, so it doesn’t have to be completely horrible. Spend meaningful time with them while exercising by going on walks or treks. We advise doing out as soon as you wake up because it will boost your body’s capacity to burn fat.

3. More fiber, less hunger.

There are plenty of studies that prove fibers naturally reduce appetite. Because they increase their size in the stomach, fibers create a feeling of satiety even if we haven’t eaten too much already. How can we get more of these magical and helpful fibers? Eat more fruit, vegetables, beans and wholegrain. We can always order a double vegetable side, start our meal with a light salad (instead of mashed potatoes) or simply prepare lentils one or twice a week. All that is not only healthy but also helps us feel hungry a lot less often.

4. Don’t starve yourself

We are not huge fans of restrictive diets. Why? Because the hardwon results are often impossible to keep. After dieting, the body craves food so badly that we literally can’t just eat one donut, we have to eat 4. And this goes on for days. Of course, we gain back all the weight we lost through effort and sacrifice…That brings us to weight-reduction method number 2. Questionable pills and powders. Infused with dodgy lab chemicals that mess with the body in a dangerous way, causing more harm than good. So what can we do then?


We know from experience that if you want to achieve and maintain a fit and toned body, the easiest and also healthiest way to do it is by drinking the right herbal blend. Have you tried a certain weight-loss tea made with herbs selected from faraway places over the world? Some ancient cultures have been using most of these herbs for over 5000 years. How come? Because the gifts of nature can make – and keep! – the body healthy, young and fit.

Put together in one blend, these specific herbs kick-start the mechanisms needed for having faster metabolism, better fat burn, and less appetite – to name just a few. BUT unlike with diets and pills, the results happen in an easy, enjoyable and sustainable way! WOW TEA SlimFit is a tea made for people of all ages and body types with one purpose only – to help them achieve their body goals in a simple and 100% natural way. The mix of premium ingredients in Slimfit Tea not only revs up the metabolism, but it also helps the body access its own fat deposits – and burn them for energy!That’s why and how we lose weight naturally and are able to keep our best results.

Don’t believe us? Go ahead and give it a shot.

In 21 days you will know why in the game of slimming, it’s this tea that makes all the difference.

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